Remarkable analytic power.

NEXT Trend’s intuitive advanced analytics are unmatched in the industry, enabling the broadest, most flexible range of analysis to help power understanding and ultimately innovation across all aspects of the natural, organic and healthy products industry.

Pre-shelf, Early Stage Products and Ingredients Innovation

  • Analyze which products are on a growth trajectory
  • Filter top attribute trends against each product and its ingredient, certification, and marketing claims dimension at category, channel, shelf and aisle levels
  • Track products from the natural product space into mainstream retail
  • Explore product innovation on an ingredient, nutrient, product, certifications, marketing claim, health claim basis
  • Perform dynamic ad hoc analyses

New Hope Network’s Predictive Consumer Segmentation

  • Assess five predictive consumer segments differentiated by early adoption, lifestyles, behaviors and beliefs towards health and wellness
  • Overlay consumer segmentation to target those consumers most likely to be early adopters of new natural, organic and healthy products
  • Examine each segment’s affinity towards tested product concepts

Claims and Certifications

  • Track and graph the leading marketing and health claims and certifications by product and category